OperaCare PDGM Webinar Series

OperaCare PDGM Webinar Series
PDGM is here! Agencies can still fine tune operations to help manage this significant change in payment methodology. This webinar series can help.

2/19: OASIS D1: Mistakes you can’t afford to Make

The home health industry in in the middle of a reimbursement change from volume to value. The metrics which define success are changing. Margins in home care have been reduced and therapy, like nursing is now a cost center.  Showing good outcomes has never been more important. Getting your OASIS correct at the SOC is the key to your agency’s reimbursement and outcomes.  In this session, we will review the most common mistakes we see agencies making around the country and changes agencies need to be aware of from OASIS D to OASIS-D1, including the new functional score calculations and the use of the equal sign.

2/26: Care Planning for PDGM

How are you generating your plan of care?  Do you know the interventions and goals you are using are effective?  Is it taking you 2-3 days to create it?  In the proposed 30-day care period, we cannot wait until 50% of our episode is over to initiate our care. In this presentation, we will show you how to shorten the plan of care process, ensure your interventions are appropriate, and improve outcomes all allowing your agency to take better care of your patients and meet the requirements for PDGM.

3/11: Centralizing Operational Control for PDGM Success

Have you tried to meet the new PDGM home care metrics by using “the familiar” processes of the last 20 years? I bet your agency is struggling.  Most people haven’t stopped to think about some of the big impacts of the PDGM change.  We are now in a diagnosis-based payment model, just like our acute care partners.  This changes everything.  The metrics for PDGM success no longer give the large agency an advantage, rather it’s the speed with which an agency can create and process their data.  This is accomplished by achieving a state of “systemness”.  Systemness can be applied to everything from your OASIS assessments, to quality assurance, to operations and outcomes. Come learn how to line up your agency’s objectives with the PDGM payment model to ensure continued success for years to come.

3/18: Analyzing CASPER  Data for PDGM

Knowing your data.  Agencies understand this is important as we move into PDGM.  If you don’t understand the problem, how can you correct it? In this presentation, will we review the CASPER report.  How do you access it?  How should you sort it? How often should you view it? What are the metrics to watch and what are their limitations? Knowing and using your data doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. Learn how to effectively use this report as part of a your QAPI program today.

3/25: The New Relationship with Data in PDGM

30-day periods of care may change more than agencies realize.  Not only are agencies billing twice as often, they need to be aware of metrics such as; static vs. dynamic census and the cost of care.  Growing the census may be less important than discharging patients with outcomes reached.  With the proposed elimination of the RAP in 2021 cash flow acceleration will be critical.  This will require efficiency from referral through the final billing of the care episode. This will only be possible with proactive data management and creation and standardization of care practices.


Michael McGowan
President and Founder of OperaCare, LLC
Michael McGowan is a former State/CMS Region IX OASIS coordinator and president of OPERACARE. Based in Socorro NM. Michael has 20 years’ experience in home health consulting. He has worked to help agencies understand audit causing behavior patterns and increase viability.  Now an automated process, his company utilizes proactive and predictive OASIS analytics during the Quality Assurance processes to exploit the entirety of the PDGM payment system, establish financial stability, minimize ADR’s & Audit risks, and monitor OASIS outcomes.

Kristi Bajer BSN, RN, COS-C
VP of Clinical Operations, OperaCare, LLC
Kristi Bajer BSN, RN, COS-C, started her home health career as an RN case manager. Over time she became the Director of Nursing, Administrator and most recently, Regional Director over 6 agencies in Texas. As a regional director, she facilitated four successful accreditation surveys by The Joint Commission and used evidence-based practice and reduced her agencies readmissions by 70%.  Kristi works with agencies to align processes and efficiencies to meet PDGM and RCD standards.  She teaches agencies how to use data along with the QA team to ensure OASIS accuracy and drive clinical care to increase patient outcomes.

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2/19/2020 1:00 PM - 3/25/2020 2:00 PM

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