Behavioral Health Series

Behavioral Health Series
Attend 4 weeks of behavioral health webinars and bring your clinicians up to speed.

June 28: The Therapeutic Relationship and Boundaries

Being able to develop a therapeutic relationship is the hallmark of an effective working relationship with a patient. This webinar will review how to establish a therapeutic relationship and how to set boundaries and limits to create a relationship that fosters positive outcomes.
1.Describe strategies to develop a therapeutic relationship 2. Describe how to create an effective verbal contract with your patient 3. Differentiate a healthy vs non-healthy relationship and the importance of boundaries in the relationship 4. Describe how to set limits with our patients

July 12, 19: The 3 Ds: Dementia Depression and Delirium (2 part webinar)

Part 1 - July 12

Gain a greater understanding of Dementia, Delirium and Depression; how to assess and differentiate between them using CMS recommended tools. 
Cognitive impairments, depression and behavioral issues all have a huge impact on a patient’s ability to recover from illness. Having staff who can better understand the needs of their patients by establishing a baseline for their cognitive and mental status will assist an agency to identify the appropriate supports and plan of care for their patient’s needs and improve patient outcomes.

  1. Define dementia, delirium and depression
  2. Explain Delirium risk factors
  3. Identify, evaluate, and differentiate signs and symptoms of delirium, dementia and depression
  4. Restate the common behavioral and psychiatric symptoms of dementia and causes of (BPSD)
  5. Understand the differences and similarities of delirium, dementia and depression

July 19: Part 2

Learn the tools/strategies to recognize, provide a comprehensive assessment to assess and differentiate between, provide care-planning guidance and utilize knowledge of appropriate intervention to effectively treat and differentiate between dementia, delirium and depression in the home.

  1. Explain how to determine baseline
  2. Recall key assessments and how to utilize them in assessing delirium, dementia and depression
  3. Describe interventions to minimize and manage delirium
  4. Identify and select patient-centered interventions for dementia and depression
  5. Employ essentials that needs to be taught to family caregivers specific to delirium, dementia and depression

September 27: The IMPACT ACT-How do we meet the Behavioral Cognitive Assessment Needs

The IMPACT Act requires providers including home health agencies to report standardized patient assessment data and quality measure data to CMS. The items in the OASIS-D will reflect changes to the neuro emotional items that will be required across all post-acute care providers. This webinar will review changes.
  1. Describe what the IMPACT is and the purpose of the ACT
  2. Describe components of the Neuro emotional items in the OASIS-D
  3. Explain how to do the mental health assessment
  4. Describe how to use the new evidence-based tools in the neuro emotional section and what the results mean


Katherine Vanderhorst, President, C&V Senior Care Specialists
  • Psychiatric nurse with over 20 years of clinical experience.
  • Previously developed clinical marketing support for Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Sales Director for over four home care agencies
  • Regional Sales Director over 6 Northeastern States
  • Published author – co-conducted two research studies on the clinical and cost effectiveness of psychiatric home care; as well as several articles co-written with Dr. Carson on the Becoming an Alzheimer’s Whisperer Program.
  • Board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse
  • General Manager over $20 million market in Western New York
Dr. Amy Craven, Vice President, C&V Senior Care Specialists
  • Doctor of physical therapy with over 25 years of clinical and leadership experience.
  • Dedicated professional regarding clinician/caregiver education on how to effectively treat the patient with Dementia. 
  • Dr. Craven has extensive professional and personal clinical experience with those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
  • She served as Administrator of Western New York branch of a National Home Health Care Company.
  • Additionally, she was the Rehab Director for a National Home Care Provider.
6/28/2018 12:00 PM - 9/27/2018 1:30 PM

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