National Home Care & Hospice Month

Social Media Checklist


November is National Home Care and Hospice Month, a time to spread awareness about care at home and express our gratitude to those home care and hospice workers that have made a tremendous impact on the lives of so many. IHHC is committed to using this opportunity to spread awareness about our community of providers. We think you can help raise awareness, too; so, we put together a quick social media check-list complete with all the tools you need to create content for your social pages. With copy/paste messages, ideas to get you started, downloadable graphics, and a list of tips, participating on social media couldn’t be easier. We encourage you to share any or all of the ideas listed below. Just a heads up - our checklist also comes in a handy downloadable PDF so you can distribute to whomever you like.    

Important Tip: Use #ILCareAtHome in all of your posts. We’re watching for the most unique posts and sharing them on our Facebook page. 

Download a PDF version of our social media checklist HERE

Copy/Paste Messages

There’s no thought involved in these simple posts. Just copy the language and the corresponding link and post directly to Facebook or Twitter.

Pro tip: When using a link, it will automatically populate as a preview right below your post. Meaning there’s no need to keep an unappealing https://www. in the text. Delete it! 

Did you know? There are 133 licensed, Medicare-certified hospice providers in the state of Illinois? To find an IHHC-affiliated hospice provider near you, head to IHHC’s “Find a Provider” directory. #ILCareAtHome

Did you know? Hospice supports patients and their families with an interdisciplinary team including physicians, nurses, therapists, volunteers, home health aides, social workers, spiritual counselors and bereavement counselors. #ILCareAtHome

Facts & Figures. 48% of all Medicare decedents in 2016 received one or more days of hospice care and were enrolled in hospice at the time of death. Find more hospice facts & figures here: #ILCareAtHome

Facts & Figures. The average length of service for Medicare patients enrolled in hospice in 2016 was 71 days, and the median length of service was 24 days. Find more hospice facts & figures here: #ILCareAtHome

Did you know? There are 660 licensed, Medicare-certified home health providers in the State of Illinois? Home health providers offer medical services including nursing and therapy to individuals in their homes. To find an IHHC-affiliated home health provider near you, head to IHHC’s “Find a Provider” directory. #ILCareAtHome

Did you know? 15 home health visits = 1 day in the hospital. #ILCareAtHome

Facts & Figures. Home health employs 42,589 Illinoisans and creates a total of 63,760 jobs in Illinois for a total impact on Illinois labor income of $2.11 billion. #ILCareAtHome

Did you know? There are 787 licensed home services agencies in Illinois that provide non-medical services such as assistance with activities of daily living, housekeeping, personal laundry, and companionship to individuals in their homes. To find an IHHC-affiliated home services provider near you, head to IHHC’s “Find a Provider” directory. #ILCareAtHome

Facts & Figures. 90% of people age 65 and older say they prefer to receive care in their own home as long as possible. #ILCareAtHome

Innovation in action. Veterans have access to both disease-directed and hospice care concurrently. Learn more about this program at the link below. #ILCareAtHome 

Innovation in action. Home care isn’t just for the elderly. Programs like Beyond the NICU help premature babies and their families make a smooth transition from the hospital to home by providing in-home medical and non-medical services and supports. #ILCareAtHome

Tell your story. What does home care and hospice mean to you? Share your story, or start off with one of these prompts:
     Support of...
     Compassion for...
     Finding comfort in...
     Making a difference by…

Get involved. IHHC has ten committees that meet monthly to develop tools and resources for its member agencies. To learn more and volunteer, email #ILCareAtHome

Be an advocate. Schedule a meeting with your elected officials to share the benefits of home care and hospice. Click below to locate your elected official. #ILCareAtHome


Graphics & Photos

You’ve used all of the copy/paste messages and you’ve had great engagement on your social channel of choice. But there’s still 2 weeks left in November, so what now? 

We have some more ideas that require a bit more ingenuity and creativity. Are you up for the challenge?

Inspire others. Sometimes the most engaging social media posts are graphics that portray a message. Search for your favorite Home Care and Hospice images / quotes on Pinterest and post them to inspire others about the work that your agency does. Here are a few of our picks:

Promote your company. Have some photos from a day of service? How about employee achievements? Consider sharing these to your social pages with a brief message. For example, did your agency volunteer together recently or do you have a group photo to share? Create a photo album to post on your Facebook page and include a message about your agency’s efforts in helping others. Don’t have a group photo? Consider featuring an employee who reached a certain goal, was featured in the news, or just really loves their job.

Social Media 101 -
Tips & Tricks

You’ve read our carefully crafted checklist and you’re ready to get started. But first, you’ll need some social media 101 so your audience can get the most out of your content.

Here’s a list of our most helpful social media tips:

Always include an image in your post. Research shows that engagement climbs when appealing images are incorporated alongside short bodies of text. 

Avoid unnecessary punctuation!!!

 Do you know the people featured in the photos you’re sharing? Tag them. 

Furthermore, ask those people you just tagged to share your post. 

Keep it short. Most people skim their Facebook/Twitter feed - make sure they can scroll away and have a general idea of what your post is about. 

Include a call to action. For example: click below to read about..., or head to our website to get involved. 

Give it some personality. If our copy/paste messages don’t align with your usual tone, add some of your own language to them. 

Don’t forget to use #ILCareAtHome and tag people, agencies, or associations you’re mentioning. 

Finally, we’ve made a National Home Care and Hospice Month Facebook and Twitter banner to help you stand out.

Save the banner below and use it on your social pages all November long.

Time to log in and get started!

Spread the word and inspire others.

Good luck!