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Our Members' Perspective

No one can describe us better than our devoted members.  

In this 3-minute video, IHHC members talk about the benefits they value most -- from regulatory help, to the ListServ, to Region Meetings and lobbying. 

If you are as passionate about home care and hospice as we are...

If you are as concerned about the survival of home health care as you should be... 

If you realize that today, in this industry, nobody can do it alone... 

And today, in this industry, you can’t rest... 

Then offer your agency, your employees and your patients the opportunity to experience all IHHC has to offer! You’ll be amazed at how we can work together.

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Benefits Second to None

Regulatory Guidance

Q & A Service

Members benefit from Q & A, where they can find comprehensive and up-to-date home care and hospice answers to regulatory questions. Accessible by phone (217-753-4422) and email,  Q & A is staffed by Liz Vogt.

Communicator XPress

The Communicator XPress is IHHC's biweekly online newsletter with in-depth articles and updates on home care legislation, regulation, education and the latest industry news affecting home health, hospice and private duty services. The XPress is your source for the most accurate, timely and relevant news available for Illinois home care and hospice providers.

Communicator XPress Podcast

Listen while you work... or drive... In 2018, IHHC started recording the Communicator Xpress and making it available as a podcast. This is the perfect way to get all of the news you need without having to read a thing.


IHHC’s Listserv is actively used by members who want to know how others are managing, what products they are using, and how they are interpreting rules and regulations. Even the most knowledgeable providers often learn on the Listserv that they have made some faulty assumptions or their processes are no longer valid. IHHC’s regulatory consultant Liz Vogt monitors the List Serve, so you won’t go wrong as a Listserv follower.

We are please to announce we have launched our updated IHHC Member-only Listserv.  This is a member benefit, so to receive the Listserv emails you must be linked in our database to a member agency.  If you have new employees that would like to be added to the Listserv, please contact IHHC at info@ilhomecare.org

Resources & Referrals

For Consumers

This Tab on the IHHC website leads family caregivers and health professionals directly to your services. Through your membership with IHHC, your agency is listed with the services you provide, the payment sources you accept AND the geographic area you cover. By using our "Find A Provider" search tool, FREE home care and hospice information is available to anyone, anywhere, at any time, making the site a key resource for families, medical professionals and discharge planners. Consumers can highlight the geographic area, service and payment source that will lead them directly to YOUR agency!

Tools You Can Use

As a member of IHHC, you can access all areas of IHHC's provider website, www.ilhomecare.org. This resource provides a listserv that can help you communicate with your colleagues, plus it provides a VoterVoice system that allows you to communicate with lawmakers. IHHC's website also provides education, news, a membership directory and listing of all Board and Committee members.

Among the most popular online tools are those created by IHHC’s committees. These include:

  • One of a kind REGULATORY ROAD MAP – Provides one-click access to state and federal regulations, organized by topics and services, including hospice.
  • Dozens of TIP SHEETS from the Best Practices Committee, as well as Private Duty and the Hospice Work Groups – Enhanced by links to Policies, Regulations and Resources too good to miss.
  • FACT SHEETS AND WHITE PAPERS created by IHHC for members to use to influence decision makers.

And don’t miss the HOSPICE INSIGHTS NEWSLETTER – A weekly roundup of the latest hospice news from around the nation, enhanced by articles from IHHC consultants and staff.

Social Media

In addition to our own YouTube Channel, IHHC actively uses Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to reach members and to advocate and promote our industry. We have nearly 700 Twitter followers, including the Illinois Hospital Association, many of the state’s medical schools and medical centers, LeadingAge, and thought leaders such as Dr Diane Meier (CAPC) and Teresa Lee (AHHQI).


IHHC Online Academy

IHHC members can access more than 60 online training courses specifically designed for the home care and hospice industry. This is a FREE members-only service. The online courses include classes that meet the State's eight-hour training requirements for home services workers. IHHC's Online Academy also includes sought-after training for home health aides and certified nursing assistants, home health and hospice paraprofessionals and professionals, personal care workers and hospice volunteers.

Online Learning

In addition to IHHC’s free Massive Open Online Course, “One Patient, One Team: Palliative Care Approaches Across the Continuum,” and The Story Catcher Project: Interdisciplinary Solutions to Hospice Challenges (video and guidebook) you can earn CEUs from a variety of on-demand courses, including some of the most popular sessions from our Annual Conferences.

Workshops, Audio Conferences, Webinars, Private Duty Symposium

IHHC schedules a diverse selection of educational sessions throughout the year. Opportunities are listed in an Annual Education Calendar that is provided to members and is available online a by clicking here

Annual Conference & Exposition

The biggest educational event of the year, this event attracts approximately 300 home health and hospice professionals, offers CE's, and features a sold-out exhibit hall with the latest home care products & services!


Lobbying at the State & Federal Levels

IHHC works with its members to ensure that lawmakers at both the Federal and State level understand issues and concerns related to the home health and hospice industry. We work hard to lobby the U.S. Congress and Illinois General Assembly on issues that relate to Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, health care reform, and other key regulatory issues. Our advocacy message is clear and simple: Help Us Choose Home.

NAHC/Forum of States

IHHC is an active member of the National Association of Home Care and Hospice (NAHC), as well as the NAHC Forum of State Associations. As such, IHHC is in a position to communicate regularly with home care leaders across the country, and to pass on timely information to its own members.

NHPCO/Council of States

IHHC arranges for the chair of the Hospice Work Group to attend NHPCO’s annual conference and IHHC’s Executive Director participates in the Council of States. IHHC staff and consultants track NHPCO news and alerts to stay on top of regulatory issues and education opportunities—blending NHPCO information and advice with that given by NAHC, for added value.

Member Involvement

Board, Committees & Work Groups

IHHC believes that we are who we are because of our members. In addition to relying on the valuable feedback from our members, IHHC receives ongoing guidance from the IHHC leaders who serve on our Board of Directors and 10 committees and work groups. Learn about Volunteer opportunities here.