IHHC's Online Academy is hosted by FrontlineCoEd and is a free benefit to all employees of your agency with your membership to IHHC.

State Mandated Trainings Available

  1. 6-hour initial and 3-hour annual Alzheimer's & dementia training
  2. Sexual harassment prevention training for licensed professionals

Home Services Worker Training

  • 8-hour initial training
  • 8-hour annual training  - Launching in September!

Getting Started

It's easy! To give your staff access to FrontlineCoEd, complete this spreadsheet with the following information for each staff member and send to the IHHC Online Academy helpdesk:

  • Column A: First name
  • Column B: Last name
  • Column C: Email address
  • Column D: Two-digit numeric birth month and birth day
  • Column E: Company name
  • Column F: Leave blank unless the staff member should be designated as a company administrator who has access to all staff training records. Type "companyadmin” if this is the case. 

After your staff are uploaded to FrontlineCoEd, each staff member will receive a welcome email with their username and password to log in. Staff must watch each training video, complete the quiz, and complete the course evaluation in order to access their completion certificate.

Continuing Education Hours

Continuing Education (CE) hours are provided by Oakton Community College/Alliance for Lifelong Learning for the following licensed professionals:

  • Licensed Social Workers, Clinical Social Workers
  • Respiratory Care Practitioners
  • Speech Language Pathologists, Audiologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physician Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants
  • Nursing Home Administrators
  • Other Professionals